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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ninth Configuration (Episode 52 W/ Kelsey Sean)

    Kelsey Sean joins the show as we discuss William Peter Blatty's directional debut which can be described as an unofficial Exorcist sequel.(Kelsey Sean is a writer who regularly contributes to [Declawed Boys]( [Support the show]( ( ...


  2. Boxing Movies (Episode 51 W/ Chris Maxwell)

    After the shambolic display that was the last episode, James returns and brings it back to a more suitable episode.Chris Maxwell returns to discuss the sweet science of boxing and the movies that have been made in its honor. _(Chris Maxwell is a former radio host turned Podcaster (_[ _NotYetNamedPodcast_]( ...


  3. Watching The Strange thing about the Johnson's (Episode 50W/ Stefan & Shena (Thick N Sweaty) )

    WE ARE HERE AND WE HIT HALF A CENTURY!Celebrating the 50th episode by watching Ari Aster's short movie "The Strange Thing about the Johnson's" with The guy and gal from Thick N Sweaty! _This is an obscene episode so you have been warned._ If you wish to watch the movie ...


  4. Tubi TV Failure Spectacular 2: Clowns (Episode 49)

    THE TUB TV FAILURE SPECTACULAR IS BACK! and in conjunction with IT chapter 2 I delve into the Sewers of Tubi for Clown movies.Also I do an Q&A and a state of the Podcast.I also talk[ _Manitoba Podcast Festival_]( which is September 29th. [Support the show]( ( ...


  5. Why Do Comedy Sequels Suck? (Episode 48 W/ Dave Hollier.)

    James and friend of the show Dave get together to discuss why most Comedy Movie sequels end up being terrible. [Support the show]( ( ...