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A podcast about the silly and strange of Media.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 47: Terminator Movie Retrospective W/James Korba

    **_WARNING_** _the following episode features two grown ass men gushing over two movies and slightly getting annoyed at its sequels._ James Korba is back on the podcast and we talk all things Terminator. _(James Korba is the host of_[ _Loose Ropes Wrestling_]( _and a fellow big time movie enthusiast)_ [Support the ...


  2. Episode 46: "Fell Flat" Best/Worst Horror Remakes W/ Roger Boyer

    James Beaver sits down with Roger Boyer as we discuss Horror remakes from the best to the worst. ...


  3. Episode 45: Will Smith Missed Roles W/Chris Maxwell

    This is an episode dedicated to Movies roles which Will Smith passed on.We also have alot of fun with the concept and generally shoot the shit.(Chris Dion Maxwell is a former radio host turned Podcaster ([NotYetNamedPodcast]( [Support the show]( ( ...


  4. Episode 44: Street Fighter(1994) W/ Tesfay Tedros

    Beaver Does Movies finally covers a topic he has waited a long time to cover.1994's disaster Street Fighter The Movie.I cover the good the bad and ugly of this movie with friend of the show Tesfay Tedros.We also create a mini shrine for Raul Julia who is far and away ...


  5. Episode 43: Ghostbusters Retrospective W/ Adam Giardino

    Beaver Does Movie fully returns with Winnipeg Ghostbuster's very own Adam as we do a full retrospective of every Ghostbusters movie ever made and discuss what could of been and whats to come.(Adam Giardino is a member of Winnipeg Ghostbusters and also an co-host of Loose ropes Wrestling ) [Support ...