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A podcast about the silly and strange of Media.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 42: Bloodsport W/Stefan Richard

    The Show is back and so is Stefan Richard as we watched Blood sport(recorded before hiatus)Frank Dux Bullshit _(Stefan Richard is a former professional wrestler and current on air personality of NCI FM - The Spirit of Manitoba_ also Co-hosts Thick N Sweaty ) [Support the show]( ( ...


  2. Episode 41: Captain America (1990) W/ Cory Alleyne

    Continuing with the Marvel movies with the 2 black geeks.We follow the depths of Marvels dark history as we watched Captain America 1990! _(Cory Alleyne is a former Winnipeg based Professional wrestler and now full time geek and part time pod caster with his partner in crime Mike Reid forming ...


  3. Episode 40: Blade W/ Mike Reid

    As we are on the eve (as of recording) for Avengers Endgame I casted the wayback machine to the Marvel movies and what is considered the First good Marvel movie BLADE. I am joined by Mike Reid of 2 black geeks as we checked out Wesley Snipes being a badass. ...


  4. Episode 39: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter W/ Shane St Germain

    I promised to do a positive movie for the next episode but the timeline messed up so I got 2 bad movies in a least my boy Shane was around to help me cope. [Support the show]( ( ...


  5. Episode 38: Tubi TV Failure Spectacular

    This episode is an tragic tale of a man needing to get an episode done and facing the consequences of his actions as he watched a few moments of 3 terrible films. [Support the show]( ( ...