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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 22: Class of Nuke Em High W/ Mike Mission

    Mike Mission is back and we are both salty with each other. but we are not salty about the movie we watched as we checked out the Troma Classic Class of Nuke Em High _(Mike Mission is an hardcore professional wrestler for Canadian Wrestling Elite, he also moonlights as a ...


  2. Episode 21: Gladiator(1992) W/ Chris Dion Maxwell

    Chris Dion Maxwell is back on the podcast as we discussed Boxing our favorite eatery and the diamond in the rough boxing movie Gladiator starring Cuba gooding jr.(Chris Dion Maxwell is a former radio personality and boxing enthusiast, originally lived in Yorkton Saskatchewan where James had met him 10 years ...


  3. Episode 20: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure! W/ Suzanne Vallee

    We are finally back for episodes with guests and its the 20th episode and I decided to make it a special one as I watched Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure with Suzanne Vallee someone who helped me get my start in podcasting. _(Suzanne Vallee is a Career Counselor for an non ...


  4. Episode 19 Arcade 1993

    **A quick episode.** [Support the show]( ( ...


  5. Episode 18: ROBOT WARS (1993)

    **"PEEK A BOO I KILL YOU!" - Wal E** I discovered the wonderful Robot wars on the full moon streaming service and EVERYBODY SHOULD WATCH IT. [Support the show]( ( ...