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A podcast about the silly and strange of Media.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 17: Killed Or Be Killed (Solo)

    We back boys and we got some karate, nazi's and a bad ass dwarf named Chico. its Killed or be killed (1980) [Support the show]( ( ...


  2. Episode 16: Berserker Hell's Warrior(Solo Series)

    _"My love for you is like a truck, Berserker Would you like some making fuck, Berserker My love for you is like a rock, Berserker_ _The Berserker is just so obscene Likes evil people you know what I mean He takes your soul and then just rips you apart He'll steal ...


  3. Episode 15: Maniac Cop

    **_"Look at the size of those hematomas!"_** [Support the show]( ( ...


  4. Episode 14: Hellitosis - Legend Of Stankmouth (Solo Series)

    **"SHIT"** After a week away I return and I already want to go leave again. watch a man be beaten down by shit jokes. you will believe a man can suffer. [Support the show]( ( ...


  5. Episode 13: Evil Bong With Eric Lavallee

    **"I'm gonna cream!" -** ** _Gingerdead Man_** Theres a full moon entertainment universe and this is the movie to unite them all! Myself and friend of the show Eric Lavallee watched Evil Bong "starring" Tommy chong, ...