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A podcast about the silly and strange of Media.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Pro Wrestling Sleaze!!!

    ### BIG WARNING THIS IS ABOUT TO BE REAL SLEAZY! James and Mike got together on a livestream with First Row's Curtis Howson and Local Slime in human form Mat Perlman to discuss Pro wrestling myths. ----- [Donate]( Equipment Used [Microphone]( [Mixer]( [Headphones]( [Camera]( ...


  2. Weekly Movie Reviews

    ### Week 2 collection the Daily movie reviews! This is a weekly collection of the reviews from the past week all available in video form on Youtube. 1. [Saving Grace]( 2. [The Ballerina]( 3. [Fried Barry]( 4. [Hellboy]( 5. [Dark City]( 6. [The Kill Switch]( 7. [Cruella]( ----- [Donate]( Equipment Used [Microphone]( [Mixer]( [Headphones]( [Camera]( ...


  3. The Gauntlet W/Michael petrow

    ### THE GAUNTLET HAS RETURNED! This episode is an evolution of the Gauntlet formula which is using bad movies to torture people, this time I also throw in questions in between, I invited for the pilot of The Gauntlet Michael Petrow of The Reel Debaters as we watched Terrible Shark movies! [Donate]( Equipment ...


  4. Weekly Movie Reviews

    *This is an audio collection of the daily movie reviews on youtube.* ...



    ### BeaverDoes Podcast is now here offically! James and Mike got together for a live stream *(Every Thursdays Biweekly 7pm Central NEXT: JUNE 3RD)* We built a list of their Best and Worst TV show finales and there is some controversies with the choices. [Donate]( Equipment Used [Microphone]( [Mixer]( [Headphones]( [Camera]( ...