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A podcast about the silly and strange of Media.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. I Come In Peace (Episode 2 W/ Mat Perlman)

    I COME IN PEACE!! Well not really as we watch 1990's I Come in peace/Dark Angel starring Dolph Lundgren as a bad alien drug dealer reeks havoc on earth and blows shit up. (Mat Perlman is a French Canadian former podcaster, talent manager and hot dog salesman) [Support the show]( ( ...


  2. The Wraith (Episode 1 W/ Mike Mission)

    The Wraith!! what you get when you combine Fast and the Furious with The Crow, I watched this with Mike Mission and we discuss it together.(Mike Mission is an hardcore professional wrestler for Canadian Wrestling Elite, he also moonlights as a salemans at the Mulvey Flea Market known as Mission ...