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A podcast about the silly and strange of Media.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Showdown W/ Chris Maxwell

    James got together with Chris to discuss the amazing Billy Blanks in SHOWDOWN [Get The Movie]( [Donate]( Equipment Used [Microphone]( [Mixer]( [Headphones]( [Camera]( ...


  2. Justice League Discussion

    Mike and James hopped on a live stream and discussed Zach Snyder's Justice League and everything involving it. (This was a freeform discussion which will be a monthly feature which is available on all streaming platforms.) [Donate]( Equipment Used [Microphone]( [Mixer]( [Headphones]( [Camera]( ...


  3. Under Siege (Half Commentary) W/Reel Debaters

    Welp I really need to get that new internal Harddrive because I lost another episode...luckily it was half! I am joined by Michael and Martin of the Reel Debaters as we commentate over the first half of Steven Seagals magnum opus Undersiege!! Get the movie - ...


  4. Above The Law W/Roger Boyer

    James Reunites with Unoffical Offical 3rd Mic of the show Roger Boyer We cover Steven Seagals Debut Above the law and James starts to see why Seagal could be considered a good action star...until he sees him run. [Above The Law]( [Donate]( Equipment Used [Microphone]( [Mixer]( [Headphones]( [Camera]( ...


  5. Curtis Howson Didn't watch the movie

    A while ago we recorded an episode with Curtis Howson of First Row Collectibles.....well he forgot to watch the movie so the following is me trying to salvage an episode. So enjoy our failure! [Donate]( [Steel on DVD]( Equipment Used [Microphone]( [Mixer]( [Headphones]( [Camera]( ...