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A podcast about the silly and strange of Media.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. China Salesman W/ Chris Maxwell

    ### STEVEN SEAGAL MONTH RETURNS! With friend of the show Chris Maxwell making his return we tackle another battle of the century. ### TYSON V SEAGAL! [Get China Salesman]( [Donate]( **Equipment Used** [Microphone]( [Mixer]( [Headphones]( [Camera]( ...


  2. Roger and James Presents: Tangent 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Roger returns for another Biweekly Tangent fun! This week we talk about the upcoming movies of 2021..... well we tried we got to the end of May. EXPECT A PART 2 in two weeks! *(Tangent is a livestream show done every 2-4 weeks and is a casual conversation about anything movies. these podcast ...


  3. Cartels W/ Juice Jackson

    ### WE BEGIN SEAGAL MONTH WITH THE MATCH OF THE CENTURY! ### ITS GSP V SEAGAL! AS WE WATCHED CARTELS/KILLING SALAZAR!** Joined by MMA connoisseur/Isreal adesanya Stan Juice Jackson who makes his return to drop some futher MMA knowledge and swap Seagal stories. ----- [Get Cartels on dvd]( [Donate]( Equipment Used [Microphone]( [Mixer]( [Headphones]( [Camera]( ...


  4. Beaver Does Awards

    Ladies and gentleman.....**THE 3rd ANNUAL BEAVER DOES AWARDS!** including such catagories as Best New Guest, Best Returning Guest, Worst Guest, Worst Movie and many many more! *The Following Episode was recorded before I took the new hiatus plan, So Seagal month is now in March after this episode.* [Donate]( Equipment Used [Microphone]( [Mixer]( [Headphones]( [Camera](** ...


  5. James & Roger Present: Tangent

    Roger and James get togther for their monthly conversation, This week we discuss werewolf movies. We also commentated on his short werewolf movie "The Wolf" **Sources** [13 Best Werewolf Movies ]( [The Wolf (2020)]( **Equipment Used** [Microphone]( [Mixer]( [Headphones]( [Camera]( **Movies Discussed** [An American Werewolf in London]( [The Howling]( [Ginger Snaps]( [Dog Soldiers]( ...