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A podcast about the silly and strange of Media.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Roger Boyer Conversation

    A fun conversation with Roger Boyer about Bigfoot movies! Check in every 2 weeks (schedule permitting) for fun conversations between myself and Roger Boyer. **Equipment Used [Microphone]( [Mixer]( [Headphones]( [Camera](** ...


  2. Beaver Does Movies Live

    James is back with another live show! ...


  3. They Live

    **WELL WELL ITS A NEW YEAR!! AND ITS THE SAME OL BULLSHIT! ** James and Money Grabbing Mike return and this time we picked a cult classic. We took a dive into the alien invasion conspiracy cult movie directed by the legendary John Carpenter **THEY LIVE!** Also we dicuss our thoughts on Wonder Woman ...


  4. X-Mas Special - Santa With Muscles W/ Jay Walker

    THE XMAS SPECIAL IS BACK FOR THE 3RD YEAR RUNNING! Myself and guest Jay Walker and discussed an insanely dumb christmas movie **Santa with Muscles!** ...


  5. The Chaperone W/ Todd McGinity

    James is running solo this episode as he invited Todd McGinity of SeangeekPodcast on for some bad movie fun. My reasoning for subjecting poor Todd to this movie is a dumb dumb reason so found out this and more on ** Beaver Does Movies** ...